1987 was the founding year of Mike Murphy enregistré, now known as the Au Quai Service.

Our company is at the origin of the important marina La Brise, based in Magog, and also a regional representative for Les Quais de L’Estrie a docks manufacturer.

We now specialise in mooring and anchoring, in formwork, boat-houses and concrete dock repairs. We also offer diving services, docks, boat elevation, marine rails, ramps with rollers and much more!

It is in 2016 that the founder of Au Quai Service, Michaël Murphy, sold the company to two young passionate entrepreneurs of the Estrie region. Both coming from very different backgrounds, Olivier Lareau-Baillargeon and Guillaume Beaudoin were able to complement and build upon their knowledge in the making of a new line of great products and customer services for Au Quai Service.

These new services are only additions to the traditional service that has made the reputation of Au Quai Service since 1987.